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Designer Larissa Batista
Larissa Batista

Product Designer

Larissa Batista was born in Porto Alegre, graduated in Product Design, skilled mainly in furniture design, creating projects with an innovative style.

Larissa’s work has featured in many interior design events, receiving lots of attention and press publishes.


What I do

Amazing Creations

Designing differentiated pieces in tune with international trends always focused in manufacturing processes, projecting in a way so that the factory can work with mass production. Creativity and attention of the aspects of factory production are her main attributes, working through innovative designs concerning beyond just aesthetics but also adding new concepts and efficient production.

Responsible for innovative and amazing furniture design always concerned on real factory production.

When launching new products the strategy is always studied together with the client, mainly concerning manufacturing so that the product designed can be mass produced with the machinery available by each factory, according to niche markets of each client, and designing always following current trends. Working with 3D modeling allows to analyze the product to be manufactured, to verify dimensions, colors and finishings. All technical details are provided to production execution.

With great experience in furniture design, specialized contact with suppliers, acts also as a bridge between suppliers and factory when needed. All execution is followed up close within the factory so that the product turns out as designed.

    3D Modeling
    Technical Drawings
    Contact with suppliers
    Factory tours




Designer Larissa Batista

  • +55 51 9 9708-1985
  • [email protected]
  • Porto Alegre - RS
    Av. Ipiranga 40
    Sala 2001

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